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For owners of noisy, defensive, or excitable dogs…
K9 Expert Reveals Solution That Stops Dog Barking Instantly
(Without Muzzling Or Shocking Your Pet)

This remarkable new device is changing the way dog owners train their dogs to stop barking

"If you could stop a barking dog with the press of a button, would you?" - Sam Small, K9 trainer

Sam Small is a renowned Police dog trainer who stumbled upon a new way to train dogs that’s both highly effective and humane. 

The problem, according to Small, is that dogs and humans often misunderstand each others’ intentions.

When a dog is confused about what their owner wants, they almost ‘train themselves’ to bark at all the wrong times, and continue barking even after their owner tells them to stop.

To understand what Small is saying, he shares the story of Roxy, a pitbull mix his neighbor had, and the inspiration that drove him to invent Bark Begone .

Here is Sam’s Story:

Roxy is a beautiful pit mix that belongs to my next door neighbors Jim and Shauna.

They bought Roxy as a pup at the same time they had their first child, which was a good idea.

As a professional dog trainer I recommend introducing puppies to babies so they can grow up together and have a strong bond.

I never heard a peep from Roxy next door for the first eight months, but when Shauna went back to work , they put their child in daycare. 

Working as a police officer I don’t keep a 9 to 5 schedule, so I’m often home during regular office hours. 

It was right after the kid started daycare that Roxy started barking her head off during the days.

She was kept out in the backyard while the house was empty, and the gate looked out onto the street.

Whenever someone walked by or a car passed, Roxy would bark.
Weed wackers and mowers drove her especially crazy. 

Whenever gardeners were working in the neighborhood, Roxy would bark non stop for 4, 5, or even 6 hours.

She would not quit barking, I'm not even sure how she was physically able to bark that long, but she did.

Soon I noticed a change with Roxy’s barking, which was becoming worse by the day. 

She was barking constantly, even if there were no noises, cars or people passing by. 

I could even hear her barking inside the house, when her owners were right there… Unlike before, when she only barked if her owners were gone to work.

"As a dog trainer, what I was seeing was a gradual escalation of what was becoming a problem, and it drove me to act. I knew I needed to do something to help my neighbors, and also, to help poor Roxy."

Keep in mind I am a pro dog trainer, so I know how to train a dog to listen and follow human instructions.

The only problem is, in the police department, I am around my trainee dogs 24⁄7 for periods of weeks or months, and I constantly train them throughout those periods.

This wasn’t going to work with Roxy because she wasn’t my dog, and I didn’t have time to train her for hours every day.

I needed to figure out a method anyone could use, even someone who had zero experience training a dog like my neighbors Jim and Shauna.

Also the training needed to be 100% humane because hurting a dog is not an effective way to make a positive and lasting behavior change - so shock collars and muzzles were out of the question.

As it turns out, the answer was hanging right around my neck - my police dog whistle. 

We use these whistles to get a dog’s attention when a dog is focused on a task or target.

When an 80lb German Shepherd has locked on to a suspect’s arm, it’s in a very excited state.

They aren’t going to listen to verbal commands, and trust me when I say you don’t want to try grabbing the dog to pull it off the bad guy! 

The dog whistle is an ‘ultra high frequency’ that instantly gets any dog’s attention without causing the dog pain or hearing damage.

And as you probably know, dog whistles can’t be heard by people so they’re very useful to use in situations where a loud noise would cause a disturbance.

I thought about giving my neighbors a dog whistle for Roxy, but the whistle alone wouldn’t be very helpful to them.

You see, using a dog whistle takes training and practice. Most people who buy a dog whistle get frustrated and give up on it without ever getting the hang of using it properly.

You have to blow on a dog whistle in a certain way and with a certain level of force for it to generate the right frequency to make your dog pay attention. 

If you do it wrong, nothing comes out except air - and because people can’t hear the dog whistle, it takes a lot of practice and experience for us to know if we’re doing it right.

No, I needed to invent something that a 5 year old child could use, over and over again with repeatable results and minimal training.

So that’s exactly what I did - and I named it Bark Begone .

 I created a pocket-sized battery-powered device that pumps out the same frequency as a police dog whistle at the touch of a button.

I also put a small LED light in the front of Bark Begone, to make it easier to get the dog’s attention. 

It took me a few months to get the first unit made by a manufacturing company. When I got a working prototype I waited until lunchtime on Saturday then went next door to my neighbors’ house and rang the doorbell.

Of course Roxy went off, barking so loudly behind the door that my neighbor Jim was completely frazzled as he opened the door.

Roxy would not stop barking even though she knows me very well… Not even when Jim yelled “Roxy Stop!” loudly at her and holding tight to her collar to stop her from running out.

Then, the baby started crying, awoken by the racket Roxy was making, and I heard Shauna rushing down the hall inside the house. 

The situation was perfect for my experiment... 

Jim looked tense and his face was red, while I stood there with a calm neutral expression. 

I had my Bark Begone ready in hand, so I pointed it at Roxy, still barking like a maniac, and pushed the button.
Roxy immediately stopped barking, sat down, and looked at me calmly. 

also put a small LED light in the front of Bark Begone, to make it easier to get the dog’s attention. 

“What the heck is that?” said Jim, looking at the remote-control-like device with a shocked expression.

“It’s my gift to you” I said, holding out my hand and offering the Bark Begone device for Jim to inspect.

“And if you and Roxy spend an hour with me, I’ll show you how it works and how to train her to be just as calm and obedient as my police dogs”

Jim looked a little bit overwhelmed, but also relieved. 

I knew him and Shauna loved their dog, but Roxy’s constant barking was too much for anyone to take. 

He took the Bark Begone from my hand, turned it over, inspected it, and gave a slight smile.

“Let’s do it” he said.

So Jim, Roxy, and I went around the house to their backyard, and I showed him exactly how to use the Bark Begone.

It wasn’t even 5 minutes later that a neighbor down the street fired up their weed wacker, and let me tell you, Roxy did not disappoint. 

She started barking so loud she almost coughed herself to death, so I quickly reminded Jim what to do:
"Stand in front of Roxy, point the Bark Begone at her, and press the button"

Instantly, Roxy was silent. She sat down calmly.

Jim smiled again, but this time from ear to ear.

“This is great!” he said “Thanks so much Sam”.

And that’s how Bark Begone came to be. 

Bark Begone was invented to be a safe, easy training aid. 

It had to be able to get the dog's attention without harming the dog in any way. 

It had to be able to make the dog stop barking without making it feel like the dog was being punished. 

Lastly, it needed to be able to be used by anyone, especially people who know nothing at all about dog training.

A week later (a week of blessed silence I may add) I checked in with my neighbors. What they told me was shocking...

Not only did Roxy’s barking completely stop by using the Bark Begone, now even just waving the Bark Begone at Roxy without pressing the button made her stop barking! 

As the week went on, Roxy Barked less and less and then finally, only when she needed to.

Jim and Shauna were overwhelmed with relief. 

It turns out another neighbor on our street had complained to the city about Roxy’s barking and also threatened them with a lawsuit.

Until I gave them Bark Begone, they were considering getting rid of poor Roxy. 

I am so glad that didn’t happen. 

It’s never the dog’s fault in these situations. 

And it’s not really the owners’ ‘fault’ either.

They just don’t know what to do.

Fast forward to today, and Roxy still lives next door and is a beautiful, well behaved dog that only barks when she absolutely needs to warn her owners about something.

   How Bark Begone Works

Bark Begone works on the simple yet safe principle of ultrasonic sound - simply put, this is an extremely high pitched sound that can’t be heard by humans, but can be heard by dogs, cats and other animals.

It’s safe because the sound, while high pitched, is played at a low volume - just enough to get your dog’s attention.
Bark Begone isn’t just for correcting barking - it can be used to correct any bad behavior that you want to train out of your dog, including:

  • Barking
  • Begging and whining
  • Urination or defecation

Basically, Bark Begone is an effective training aid that can be used to change any behavior you don’t like, all while being perfectly safe for your dog.

Basically, Bark Begone is an effective training aid that can be used to change any behavior you don’t like, all while being perfectly safe for your dog.

The way you use it is simple. When your dog is doing a behavior you don’t like, get in between your dog and the behavior you want to stop.

Then point the Bark Begone at the dog, push the button, and watch as he stops barking.

When the barking stops, be sure to give your dog a treat, and lots of praise, so that they associate the high pitched noise with a good thing.

That means whenever the dog hears the noise, they will stop the bad behavior and expect praise.
This is what makes Bark Begone so effective…

Dogs are trained best when they have a simple, clear cue to alert them, followed by positive stimulation when they do the desired action.

The high pitched noise from Bark Begone ensures that dogs hear it immediately, so it’s easy and quick to train them.

Also remember Bark Begone works on any dog - not just yours! 

If you’re out for a walk and confronted by an aggressive animal, Bark Begone is a great personal safety device to have in your pocket.

Bark Begone Works On Dozens Of Dog Breeds!

I wanted to make sure Bark Begone worked for all kinds of dogs, so I gave test units to everyone I know who has a dog. 

What I found, with only a couple of exceptions (more on that later) is that Bark Begone works amazing on the following breeds of dog:

Akita • American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) • Basset Hound • Beagle • Bichon Frise • Border Collie • Bulldog • Chihuahua • Cocker Spaniel • Corgi • Chorkie • Dachshund and Mini Dachshund • Doberman • German Shepherd • Golden Retriever • Greyhound • Labrador Retriever • Pit Bull Terrier • Pomeranian • Poodle • Presa Canario • Pyrenees • Rottweiler • Schnauzer • Shetland Sheepdog • Shiba Inu • Siberian Husky • Scottish Terrier • Saint Bernard • Welsh Terrier • Yorkshire Terrier

Overwhelmingly, Bark Begone worked on every dog we tried it on except for two, and we tried it on almost thirty dogs!

So how about the two that it didn’t work on? Well, after not seeing good results with two of them, we called in our favorite Veterinarian, and it turns out the two dogs that Bark Begone didn’t work on were deaf! Understandable result since the dogs were both quite old!

Where Can You Get Bark Begone?

Right now it’s only available from Bark Begone's official website

With the full market release of their product scheduled for later this year, Bark Begone is bound to be a big hit among dog owners. As a special introductry sale, the company is offering limited quantities of this product at a deep discount for the next few weeks. Select your state below to see if they’re still available in your region.

Bark Begone is now also protected by a full 60 day money back guarantee. Doesn’t work for you? Send it back for a full refund!

Update: Friday, July 24th - Ever since Bark Begone was featured in the media, it has skyrocketed in popularity and been selling out like crazy. To say thanks the company is now offering 50% off to all new customers.

It’s safe because the sound, while high pitched, is played at a low volume - just enough to get your dog’s attention.